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The best I have heard:     " I assert that the Silnote Audio USB offerings are the best I have heard in use with multiple systems. I find the Silnote Orion and Epirus to offer unassailable performance as I have found in a USB cable. They have been proven reliable to attain the highest level of performance to date and enhance the performance of associated components. Their performance is such that they are priced quite reasonably for the advantages they confer on an audio system. They should be coveted as extreme interconnects and speaker cables. In fact, they will yeild as powerful benefits as these, and at a fraction of the price.  " Doug Schroeder, Dagogo 

Stereo Times Review

Sonic Impressions:  Stereo Times Component of The Year Award. "The Silnotes were sonic chameleons in the best sense of the word. Peerlessly neutral, yet smooth and detailed , they reproduced the unique tonal shadings, dynamic gradations and overall gestalt of any recording I threw their way with unflinching fidelity." The way that the Silnotes capture instrumental decays, and the accompanying cushion of ambient air that envelopes each instrument, is truly remarkable. The Orion-M2 speaker cables and the Poseidon Signature balanced interconnects are my new references, and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future"  Jeff Brown Stereo Times  


Among the very best:  "I turned to the Silnote products as they present a highly refined sonic signature."There has only been one speaker cable to clearly better the Silnote Anniversary." This puts the Silnote in very fine company, among the very best I have used in the past decade."  One thing is certain, you will want to expolre the wonders of Silnote Audio cables. Doug Schroeder, Dagogo

Spiritual Audio Review

The Poseidon Signatures' disappeared: "The midrange still has that killer open and transparent sound. The voices and instruments are right in the room with you. It was crazy how the Poseidon Signatures disappeared and just got out of the way of the music. A few times I just had to take off my reviewers hat and enjoy the music. I hate to use the word magic when reviewing audio gear, but that's just what these cables sounded like."  Bill Glenn, Spiritual Audio

Customer Reviews

Silnote Audio Cables Customer Review:

"Harry Pearson, founder of the Absolute Sound, used the term "revelatory" when he reviewed a component that introduced a sonic excellence into his system that dramatically increased its musicality and all that it implies. In the fortyfive years I have been playing around with this hobby, I have only had five of those revelatory "wow" moments when I have added a component that introduced a remarkable improvement in my music system. To wit....unbelievably enough ....of all things , Silnote Audio interconnects and speaker cables have provided one of those seismic shifts that shake one to the boots. If you are anything like myself, you consider the high price of stereo cables and cartridges one huge rip off and their claimed attributes by the audio press..... just a lot of hype. Honestly, my approach to cables has been to buy audiophile interconnects for about one hundred dollars a pair and to pay no more than three hundred dollars for speaker cables. Now I well know that cables can make a difference.....but I had figured that given that, if I had purchased $10,000 in cables I would hear less of a difference than if I put that money into a good speaker for the same price. Well the introduction of Silnote cables has changed my mind on that one and the good news is that given the huge sonic gains they make in your system, they are very reasonably priced. Let's face it, a lot of these high end products are way overpriced but they do make about a 10 to 15% improvement. The cables I will be reviewing here are the combination of the entry level Morpheus Reference Series II and Morpheus II Series II interconnects and the speaker cable is the mid line Silnote Ultra Reference MK II. The four pairs of interconnects and the speaker cables had a combined cost of around $2500.00. Let's cut to the chase. Once the Silnote interconnects and speaker cables were fully burned in (about 50 hrs of use) I reconnected all of my old cables and listened to a couple of Sheffield Direct Disc albums. Predictably enough these albums sounded pretty much what I am used to and to one degree or another have been hearing with repeated listening over the last forty years. Then I reconnected all of the Silnote cables and just listened for five minutes, until I could not take it any longer. Honestly, my jaw had dropped in disbelief because I had never heard this magnitude of change, way for the better, compared to any component I had introduced into my various music systems over the years. After all, these base model Silnotes, like any other cable, were just strands of wire held together with a cloth outer casing. How was it possible they could be producing this profound effect? Please understand......I'm an old dude. I thought perhaps premature senility had set in and was scrambling my sensory apparatus. In response, I turned my system off, went outside to take a few deep breaths and just center myself and listen to the sounds of nature..... You know....the birds and the bees and all that good stuff. Sure enough they sounded like they should, so I knew I was hearing just fine. I went back inside and turned on my music system. So if you are interested, hang on to your seat and I will explain exactly what I heard and have experienced ever since then via the amazing Silnote cables.

The first thing I noticed with the Silnote cables in the system was the remarkable improvement in the bass. What amazed me most was that the bass articulation, impact and integration into whatever was being played, was just first rate, and this without my JL Labs subwoofers. Bass is often is just boom boom. Not here. The bass line was fully articulated, with just the right amount of impact depending on the recording. No need for subwoofer. Secondly, the high end just opened up. Until now I thought that the highs in the music captured by my stats were close to perfection, not so. Now I am not a professional reviewer, so let me see if I can articulate this. Let's say a drummer hits the cymbals sharply. The overtones can trail off for a while and most speakers can kind of get it right. But what my speakers, up to now have failed to do, was get the full impact in space of the cymbal notes. Really, I heard more high end information with the Silnote cables, but in a much more musically convincing manner. Instruments like flutes and piccolos just came to life... but sweetly so and just magical. Or take the sound stage and the portrayal of of air and space. With the Silnote cables the sound stage depth and width were definitely increased. But honestly , when I have changed components for better ones, I have heard this improvement to a degree but not so dramatic. What astounded me about the increased depth and width of the sound stage was how all of it was sonically portrayed. There was a three dimensionality and layering of instruments that became so palpably present in time and space that good symphonic recordings took on a life and reality that was just plain spooky. I have never heard these recordings sound like this before. Also like most great components, the Silnotes further removed microscopic sonic hash from recordings that subtly have the effect of different instruments bleeding into one another. Another attribute of the musical presentation that the Silnotes brought out in a most surprising way was how the left and right side information was presented with marked clarity and impact. Back up instruments across the whole sound stage, took on a solidity and presence but in a three dimensional space that I had never heard in my system before. Kind of shocking really. Lastly the most clarion change in the music with the Silnotes was the dramatic increase in the dynamics. It was like my whole system was injected with adrenaline that gave instruments and voices an aliveness and impact that I really didn't think my stats were capable of. So in conclusion .... are the Silnote Cables a good buy. No............they are a steal! Please understand these are the entry level cables. My suggestion; if like myself you don't have unlimited funds, buy the entry level interconnects and put them between your preamp and amp or CD player. When you do.....don't skimp on the speaker cables. Buy the Silnote Ultra Reference MKII speaker cables or better. Once you do based on my experience....I think you will be blown away by the magnitude of the sonic goodies you never knew existed, hidden within your own system, which the Silnotes admirably let shine through." Rich of Maui

"Hi Guys, Greetings from Turkey. I'm not writing for the Orion but it's little brother the Poseidon Ultra Reference MKII. I ordered these 8ft beauties just 10 days ago and arrived yesterday with perfect condition. This cable is simply stunning. First thing I noticed was the very very high resolution and the sound stage which is really huge and realistic. It provides great bass definition with absolute control, more transparent yet neutral mids and trebles compared to my previous speaker cable. This cable has top notch price/performance ratio. I feel myself lucky. Thanks for your great care."         - Guney  

"The Silnote Audio Orion-M1 balanced interconnects with Cardas XLR terminations are both aesthetically and sonically outstanding cables. The sheer realism, soundstaging, macro and micro dynamics afforded by these interconnects are second to none. Experience a top notch cable from a top notch company and CEO."  - Tom 

"Well I got home and hooked them upand was floored to say the least. One of my test selections is the Overture to Candid with Bernstein on DG. My room exploded with all the excitement this piece has to offer without the over emphasis and edginess in the upper registers. Body, weight, color, timing, breadth, etc, etc...  I was in audio heaven. Next I put on piano discs and the upper registers of the piano had clarity, color and sparkle but not edginess or over emphasis. I have to say this is the best my system has sounded. I had no idea I could get the level of sheer musicality I am now getting from my system by changing to Silnote interconnectsand speaker cables. I am really enjoying the Morpheus Reference cables. Combined with the Poseidon Signature and the Poseidon Ultra Reference MKII Speaker cablesmy system is sounding better than ever. I just can't imagine it sounding better. Thanks for your thoughts and again for your truly musical cables."   - Jim