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The Ultimate Listening Experience with SILNOTE AUDIO

Silnote Audio assures your pleasurable listening experience with our finely handcrafted high end audio cables. Silnote cables deliver a life-like, transparent, and palpable sound quality. All precious metal solid core conductors are polished by hand. As a reputable manufacturer of some of the world's finest cables, we guarantee the quality of our products, backed by years of extensive research in cable design technology. Please contact us if you see an item you're interested in that is not currently on sale. We may work with you on pricing to get you into the cable you need. 

Professional reviews, positive customer feedback, and top notch customer service prove and confirm Silnote's ability to deliver the finest high end audio cables.  

Dedicated Service

Every high-end cable in our inventory was designed exclusively for the individual user. Our skilled design engineers created Silnote cables with the listener in mind. Precious metals, Ultra Pure Solid Core Conductors, and the finest materials available are used in Silnote cables.  Feel free to choose from our selection of finely handcrafted cables.

High Quality Guaranteed

We can assure that the cable you buy from us is of the highest quality. Before we ship out any order, we subject it to a series of tests. All Silnote cables go through a full burn-in process on our industrial burn-in generator. Silnote Audio offers a 14 day in home guarantee on all cable purchases. Silnote cables offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner. We are confident once you have Silnote cables in your system they will remain there. Customer service and satisfaction are our top priority.

Extensive Selection

Silnote Audio offers a wide selection of high end audio cables including Speaker cables, Power cables, Interconnect cables, Digital cables, and Phono cables.  Please check our website often for exclusive sale items. 

Assuring Quality Performance

Our testing process begins with state-of-the-art equipment. This allows our engineering team to effectively test every conductor phase and selected array of shielding materials. We use only the finest quality materials available.

The final and most important testing of our products involves hours of listening. Our technicians conduct this test on each product to assure the optimal function of each cable.

Fulfilling Our Promise

Silnote Audio cables are custom handcrafted in the USA. If you have any questions regarding our company or the products we carry, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are more than glad to entertain your inquiries.